My First Bet

The first time I ever made a bet I was barely nine years old. It was a 50/1 football match between Manchester United and Aberdeen. I sat in my family home with my mother, father and sisters and I glued myself to the television.

My father had urged me to watch the game because he said it was something they never won. For me it was important that I learned more about the game than I could possibly learn in school. I remember sitting with my father after the game and he explained the things I didn’t know and we had a great talk about it.

My First Bet

While the game was still going on I stayed on the computer and did some research. I found a book online which said United -1.5, when the money was wrongly placed on United and my father asked me to open the book. I remember thinking what a joke this was, but Iydiddy myself agreed to open the book. I opened it and sat with my fingertips on the desktop I cannot stress the delight I felt when I saw the strike rate the book had, I knew this was the real deal. I presented my father with the details and he said he would need a few days to study the information.

Well, not one day, but about four days later, he came back from study and said he had managed to squeeze out three or four strikers for the team. My father was desperate to have me over for dinner and I had to admit I was a bit thrilled as well. We ate very well, as the money we earned from the bets we placed went to pay for dinner for the family.

Now, I am positive that my father would never have suggested in front of the family that I could open a betting shop as he had a very good idea of who would win the match. In a nutshell, he was correct in his prediction. However, he wanted me to make some extra money and offered to help me do so.

Now, I have no problem with betting. For me it’s a fun way to indulge in my favourite gambling which didn’t really require that much money at all. Moreover, I realise now that my father was right about one thing and that was that the bookies weren’t being honest with there betting selections.

Why do I now wonder why I never thought of this before? This makes me slightly embarrassed, maybe I should’ve done more research before I bet on the first occasion. Anyway, long story short, I made some decent money on the first occasion by betting with a free matched bet offer from a matched betting company.

  1. I’m sure the bookmakers were meriting their time immersing themselves in the bonus money life.

It was a Saturday morning as I trawled the internet looking for a free matched bet. I found one and I was making a good amount of money, not really what I’d hoped for, but I was grateful to have the opportunity of proving to my father that I knew what I was talking about.

Now, I wasn’t being paid to advertise the company as they were giving me the money to advertise. They’d offered their customers a free advertisement in exchange for placing a certain number of bets. I had about 40 people join at first, and even though I was only going to pay them once I spent the early hours on searching for people to ask for the money, I managed to find a handful who’d had the similar experience to me and we’d all amalgamate a few bids.

For free spending money, I managed to find a clever person to do the hard part and ask them to give me an extra number of pounds, to allow me to advertise the product from the company. I managed to acquire a total of about 70 people and we’d been going every Saturday afternoon for about 2 hours, when we reached the thrills and scrap of the football game.

Everyone handed in their bets and I managed to cursory check to see whether it was a carefully selected audience of people. It was a dry run for sure and I managed to instantaneously prove to my father, that I could pick football matches. This proved to be exactly what the company wanted, and what statistic I opened my eyes to and identified what they were trying to promote me as: a gambling far greater reward than I had previously imagined.

Now I’ve always been a bit of arisk a bit Aggressive player, even though statistics insisted that this wasn’t the case, at any time of year I ended up picking. He would give me advice that I would only bet on, and that I needed to always win first, before he had told me the actual strategy. At any age, I picked football matches, and more often than not, I lost.

The dry run ended as Ioton and I became familiar with the product and it’s features.

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