How to Increase Your Betting Value by Steps

The title states pretty much what the whole idea is, increasing your betting value by steps. This is pretty much the goal you want to achieve with horse racing betting, profit from your betting by steps, not by the inevitable loss of your selections.

First of all, when considering how to increase your betting value, you must consider the reasons behind your betting.

How to Increase Your Betting Value by Steps

You require good reasons to back a selection to lose, or to increase your bet’s probability of winning. If you are laying a bet on a home win, for example, if you are backing the default odds on offer, these are probably not good odds from which to pick.

In order to improve your chances of winning, on betting exchanges and laying your selection on the betting exchanges, you are either going to have to back a selection at higher odds, or lay at lower odds. Just holding your selection will not improve your chances, you have to act in accordance with the betting strategy you intend to adopt.

The idea of increasing the bet value is not as simple as it sounds because it is not as easy as you think it could be. pokerjazz77 If you back your horse at the higher odds in the Betfair betting exchange, and there are no odds on the exchanges, you will have a bet on say the horse in question.

When you lay a selection, which is to back a selection to lose, in the betting exchanges, you are laying your selection at a lower odds in most cases. In other words, you are making a bet on your selection not on its probability of winning but on the idea that your selection might lose.

Two areas of betting that you could improve by steps are:

  1. Wider price.

When you back a selection at higher odds your stake is covered, so you increase your price. When you lay a selection at lower odds your stake is covered, so you decrease your price.

To take an example, say you back a selection at odds of 2.10. At the time of backing you are laying the selection at odds of 2.05. Now you are able to reduce your stake to 1.90, as you are covering the cost of the twice as much stake on the exchanges.

  1. Laying to get a better price.

If you do like a lot of punters do and want to keep your liability as low as possible, you can consider Laying a bet rather than backing at the bookmakers.

The problem with this is that if you are unable to find odds that are lower than those offered by the online betting exchanges, you will probably have to pay commission on your net winnings on the exchanges, rather than the 5% that you would have to pay if you’d backed the selection in the first place.

There are however ways in which you can make the calculations easier, and better still, save yourself the time and do the calculations by hand.

First of all, you have to determine the amount of stake money that you want to use in your online betting exchange bets, this amount of stake money will also determine the amount of commission that you will earn on your winnings.

Then you have to determine the bookmakers that offer the best odds on your selection. If you are confident that there will not be an additional commission taking your winnings from the exchanges, you may wish to stay at your present stake money level but if you feel like you may lose money at the bookies, you may wish to use some of your online betting exchange stake to lay at the bookies.

Finally, you are best to use your free bets to cover your betting exchanges when you have a high probability of a win. In other words, you want to bet low for your high probability bets, and high for your odds bets.

If you Scotland stay at home, and Port Hedland score, you will probably not have time to make an exchange bet and your stakes will be depleted so you may wish to adhere to a more reliable strategy of backing the home team.

Up to this point you have probably understood the essential outline of the Calculation Method. This would help you to determine what your underlying odds are, and you would know how to use the above information, and the information from other people, to make intelligent bets and decisions.

You may now start to use your own Calculation Method to find your best odds, or you may decide to apply the method applied by other experts. Either way, you should be able to bet sensibly once you have figured out what your own odds are.

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