Here’s How to Sit Properly for Comfortable and Safe Driving

Paying attention to a good driving position is important. Make sure the sitting position is appropriate, comfortable and safe. So it can improve concentration, reduce fatigue. Even avoid unwanted events such as accidents. Driving must also be balanced with muscle stretching and proper posture. Here are light tips when driving far or near.

Sitting Position

Before starting the journey, the driver must adjust the position of the car seat. The truth is that the body is upright and forms an angle of 100 degrees. The trick is to adjust the seat back properly but still relax. And make sure the position of the hands and feet remain free to move when driving. Put the back against the back of the seat or back rest. So you don’t get tired easily. In addition, also pay attention to the range of eyesight to the exterior mirror area, interior mirror, or blind spot area. So that everything can be clearly monitored when the driver is adjusting the seat position.

Head Position

The seat headrest must match the driver’s head height. Position the head upright in line with the shoulders so that concentration and views towards the front of the vehicle are not disturbed. The right headrest height can protect the rider’s head and neck. So that it can protect in the event of a hard impact due to an accident.

Hand Position

Hands should also be considered to remain free to move and relaxed. When holding the steering wheel, it is best if your thumb is outside your 4 finger grip. The goal is to avoid injury when gripping the steering wheel fully. The position of the hands when holding the steering wheel is also recommended at the 9 o’clock position and the 3 o’clock direction. Always use both hands when holding the steering wheel to maintain maneuvering reflexes, also for safety.

Leg Position

Feet must also be adjusted to the comfort of the rider. Because the right position can prevent knee pain after long distance driving. Should not be too bent or straight at all. Then control the high or low chair according to body posture. The hips should not be lower than the knees because it will block blood circulation to the legs.

If the car does not have this control, the driver can use pillows to keep the hips at knee level. For drivers with manual transmission. Avoid the habit of the left foot sticking to the surface of the clutch pedal when not in use. So that the clutch function can always function properly.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the carpet under the pedal area of ​​the vehicle by always using a flat surface and not wavy or folded. Because of the wavy or folded shape, it is feared that the pedals are prone to snagging when they are stepped on. This is very dangerous for motorists.

Muscle Stretch

Driving long distances and sitting too long must be balanced with muscle stretching. This is done so that blood circulation is smooth and the driver does not feel tired. Stretching can be done every 2-3 hours when the body feels sore. Or feel uncomfortable while driving.

In addition to the supporting features in the cars. Safety while driving also needs to be supported by the behavior of the driver. While driving, especially long distances. It does require comfort but the driver should not rule out safety either. Maintaining comfort while driving is done so that the body remains relaxed and does not get tired quickly. So as to avoid accidents. However, if there is damage or there are parts that make the rider uncomfortable. We encourage you to check and maintain at an official Suzuki workshop