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automotive industry

Automotive manufacturing is a major business in Russia, directly using round 600,000 individuals or 1% of the country’s complete workforce. Russia produced 1,767,674 vehicles in 2018, rating 13th among car-producing nations in 2018, and accounting for 1.eight% of the worldwide manufacturing. The primary local brands are mild automobile producers AvtoVAZ and GAZ, while KamAZ is the main heavy automobile producer.

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automotive industry

In late 2008, the Russian authorities launched protectionist measures, value $5 billion, to improve the state of affairs within the trade. This included $2 billion of bailouts for troubled companies and $3 billion of credits for buyers of Russian cars. Prime minister Vladimir Putin described the transfer as vital to be able to save jobs.

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The tariffs for imported overseas automobiles and trucks were elevated to a minimum of fifty% and go as much as a hundred%. The increased duties led to protests in Russian cities, most notably in Vladivostok, where the importation of Japanese cars is an important sector of the city’s economy. To compensate for the losses of the Vladivostok companies, Prime Minister Putin ordered the automobile manufacturing firm Sollers to maneuver considered one of its factories from Moscow to Vladivostok. The move was completed in 2009, and the manufacturing unit now employs about 700 locals. To enhance the market share of domestically produced vehicles, the Russian government applied several protectionist measures and launched programs to draw international producers into the nation.

In late 2005, the Russian leadership enacted laws to create special economic zones with the purpose of encouraging investments by international automotive companies. The advantages of operating within the particular economic zones include tax allowances, exemption from asset and land taxes and protection towards changes in the tax regime. Some regions also present extensive support for giant traders (over $100 million.) These embrace Saint Petersburg/Leningrad Oblast and Kaluga Oblast . Kaluga has been particularly successful in attracting overseas corporations, as has been Kaliningrad Oblast.